Iconic Jeep Wrangler – Mark Allan Talks About How Completed this Impossible Mission

Mark Allan is the man who is behind the iconic Jeep Wrangler design. While he might say that being the Head of Jeep Design at Fiat Chrysler is his dream job, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy by any means. Mark Allen was tasked with redesigning the iconic looking Jeep Wrangler and this was nearly an impossible job.

Think about it like this, redesigning Jeep Wrangler is just like redesigning the famous Porsche 911. There’s basically nothing that Mark Allan could add to better to the already famous Jeep Wrangler design. However, it seems like Mark Allan was ready to try out some new things and to take a risk that paid off in the end.

Working Under Pressure

The Head of Jeep Design recently went on an interview and talked about the newly unveiled 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL. The first thing that Mark Allan said is that the Wrangler lineup is the best selling four-door SUV in the world, and that it’s the vehicle which made the Jeep brand famous. Therefore, he was under a lot of pressure.


Mark Allan also made it clear that one of the reasons why he was so keen on making a success out of the redesigned Jeep Wrangler is because Mercedes Benz were also working on a new G-Wagen model, which is Jeep Wrangler’s biggest competitor.

Attention to Detail

While the new and redesigned 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL looks amazing, Mark Allan says that the hardest thing about creating the new model was having to add small features which should go unnoticed by customers.

The features that Mark Allan is talking about are things such as aligning the door handles and hinges. Another similar design feature that is going unnoticed but it’s actually quite important is the vehicle’s hood that goes out straight instead of dropping down like it does on the classic model.

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