Mercedes is Adding the Finishing Touches to the Brand-New AMG A35 Model

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Mercedes recently announced that it’s adding the finishing touches to a new AMG model that’s going to offer 300 horsepower. The new car is going to enter the production stage during the upcoming future. In addition, the new AMG model will be known as A35 and it will sit right beneath AMG A45.

Mercedes also said that the new car is going to give AMG fans more options between the standard A-Class models and the premium A45 that’s scheduled to come out in 2019 with an engine that puts out more than 400 horsepower.

New Mercedes AMG A35 Model

The new AMG model is going to ship with a revamped interior design that’s said to be more premium than what the current top of the line E-class model offers. Therefore, the AMG A35 will surely ship with a dual-screen setup that will be similar to what the latest E-Class has to offer.

Nonetheless, interested customers can already head on to Mercedes’s official page and configure their brand-new AMG A35 with all the features they want such as a smaller spoiler than what AMG A45 will offer.

Under the Hood

As everybody already knows by now, Mercedes is known for its sleek designs, but the company is equally impressive when it comes to under the hood specs. Therefore, the new AMG A45 model will offer 400 horsepower while the A35 which is going to compete against the likes of Audi S3 and BMW 140i will feature an engine that offers 340 horsepower.

In terms of price, Mercedes has yet to unveil the official price tag for AMG A35, but we can be sure that its going to range somewhere from $42,000 up to $46,000. Nonetheless, the new car is scheduled to go on sale during 2018 and that’s when we will finally be able to see exactly how much it costs.


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