Mercedes Benz G-Class 2019 Interior Unveiled Ahead of the Detroit Auto Show

One of the most anticipated things that is going to happen during the upcoming Detroit Auto Show is the fact that Mercedes Benz is getting ready to unveil its brand-new 2019 G-Class. In order to create some hype and to give fans something to look forward to, Mercedes Benz decided to show us what 2019 G-Class’s interior looks like.

Mercedes Benz 2019 G-Class Interior

The first thing that people are going to notice after stepping inside the upcoming 2019 G-Class is the car’s revolutionary expansive digital display. The display is so big that it stretches from behind the steering wheel up to the center stack. If this setup seems familiar, that’s because the new S-Class and E-Class models are also equipped with a huge expansive digital display.

Nonetheless, the expansive digital display will feature two 12.3-inch HD screens. In addition, there will also be a couple of G-Class trims which will ship with two fixed gauges for the tachometer and speedometer alongside just one 12.3-inches panel that will be in the right side.

Head and Leg Room

Considering that the famous G-Wagon is known for being quite spacious, no one should be shocked to find out that Mercedes Benz decided to push the rear seats further back so that it can add an extra 5.9-inches of legroom. This design change also allowed Mercedes Benz to add an extra inch of should room for back passengers.

Iconic Round Headlamps

There’s no other interior design feature that screams G-Class like Mercedes Benz’s round headlamps which reflect towards the four air vents and fortunately, the new 2019 G-Class will stick to this design. In addition, the center lock will also feature three chromed out lock buttons which look amazing, especially alongside the COMAND system touchpad.

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