Fiat Punto is Officially Nominalized as the “Most Unsafe Car of 2017”

The Euro NCAP is an organization that provides customers with important information about the safety of the cars that they want to purchase. The organization chooses a limited number of cars every year and it puts them through numerous tests, including crash tests in order to find out which one is the most unsafe. With that said, we have some bad news for Fiat Punto owners.

Fiat Punto Receives 0 Star Rating by the Euro NCAP

While this might come as a surprise since Fiat is known for its reliable mid-ranged cars, the Punto is now officially the most unsafe vehicle of 2017. The folks at Euro NCAP took a 2005 re-release version of Fiat Punto and put it through some low crash performance tests where Punto failed miserably.

The car scored 0 points out of 5, and its lack of important safety features such as AEB (Autonomous Emergency Breaking) and Lane Support Systems helped it achieve that rating. What’s interesting is that back in 2015 when Fiat Punto was initially released, the car actually scored a good rating. From the looks of it, it seems like Fiat Punto has lost its touch over the years.

The Unsafety Supermini of 2017

This is what Matthew Avery who is the lead director of the research had to say about Fiat Punto’s safety levels: “In 2005 the Fiat Punto achieved a good rating. However, Euro NCAP frequently raises the bar in its testing regime – and the Fiat Punto’s adult occupant protection of 51% is more than 30% below the average for Superminis tested in 2017”.

AEB Systems Will Become Obligatory

Another interesting thing that Matthew Avery stated was that Euro NCAP will change the way it tests vehicle from now on. What Matthew Avery meant by this is that Euro NCAP will never give a five star rating to any other car that doesn’t feature AEB systems from the beginning of 2018.

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