2018 BMW X3 vs. Old BMW X3 – What Are The Differences?

Land Rover recently unveiled its cool looking Range Rover Velar and it made sure that the entire world knows that its way better than its competitor, BMW X4. This announcement didn’t sit well with the Bavarian car manufacturer and BMW instantly pointed out that its brand-new X3 model is so much better than the previous one.

Third Generation BMW X3

Even though the X3 is one of the most prolific SUVs ever made, this is still only the third generation. Crazy right? There is a plethora of SUVs that customers can choose from, but not all of them can even come close to what X3 has to offer.

The X3 lineup is always classified as luxurious and this is completely true. BMW makes sure that all its X3 models are equipped with sleek features which make them look amazing. However, BMW took things to the next level with the new X3 model.

Brand-new BMW X3 Model

The first thing that grabs our attention when looking at the new X3 model is the fact that BMW didn’t try to make the front end stops connect with the grille lights. While this used to be a X3 trademark design feature, we have to admit that BMW’s new design looks great. The SUV is rounder now and this gives it a more imposing look.

Key Design Features

Leaving the front end aside, BMW also equipped the new X3 model with the latest Driving Assistance plus system onto the lower grille. This is great news for BMW fans because it means that the new X3 model now features semi-autonomous driving assistance.

Furthermore, the third generation X3 also features a cool set of halo lights which are placed right next to the redesigned air intakes. To make things even better, BMW made sure to equip the back side with twin exhaust pipes which make the SUV look more modern.

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