Minecraft: Pocket Edition Latest Beta Makes The Game More Fun And Exciting

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Latest Beta

The latest version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition has made fans a lot happier and more excited. It is because the mobile version has been made so identical to the PC version.

You might have observed that the Android version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition has a gaming process that doesn’t focus on technical features or graphics. This is because players would encounter interesting opportunities throughout the game.

This is where users can make their own world through different blocks. Basically, you may look at it as an easy game, but don’t get fooled by the simple elements because they can create unexpected difficulties. These difficulties must be solved by the player, making the game even more intriguing.

You will also require the use of different block types that possess unique properties and perform different functions. In fact, you can build anything that you desire, such as palaces, bridges, roads, castles, and even a golf stadium if you wish.

If you want to have more fun playing the game, you can opt or a multiplayer mode. This will give you more option to challenge your friends to play the game together and raise the game to the next level.

The most recent version is, which you can create, explore, and craft your way alone or with your friends on Android, iOS or Windows 10 mobile devices. The game even gets more exciting on Beta release, which is version 1.3.

The advantage of getting the Beta version is that you can play the game even before the official version has been released to the public. However, even with the advanced features, you may stumble to some bugs every once in a while. Well, it’s still a good thing because you can have a chance to try it all out before anyone else does.

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