No Set Release Date for Elder Scrolls 6, Bethseda Set to Publish Two Games Instead

The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

Sorry guys, it looks like Bethesda won’t be publishing Elder Scrolls 6 this year. But not to worry, it is coming. In the meantime, the developers have left some clues lying around, giving the gaming community some insights on what to expect with the upcoming installment.


For those unfamiliar with the Elder Scrolls universe, this game franchise has been around since 1994 and has spawned about 20 sequels to date (including Skyrim VR). This role-playing game is set in the fictional continent of Tamriel where mystical worlds meet with pre-medieval elements. Its Wikipedia page further states:

“The continent is split into a number of provinces of which the inhabitants include humans as well as popular humanoid fantasy races such as elves, orcs and anthropomorphic animals. A common theme in the lore is that a chosen hero rises to defeat an incoming threat, usually a malevolent being or an antagonistic army.”


Any information about Elder Scrolls 6 is sparse at the very least. However, there are clues that point to Akavir. In Skyrim, there was mention of the Akaviri bent on invading Tamriel. This is a storyline that the developers may explore, giving gamers the chance to explore territories across the ocean. An article published on gamesradar+ describes the different regions.

“Regions include Tang Mo (home to an ape-like species), Kamal (populated by demons), Ka’Po’Tun (where you can find tiger-people, who are allied with the inhabitants of Tang Mo), and lastly Tsaesci. Tsaesci is where those bloodsucking serpentine vampires come from, and therefore according to that screenshot is the most likely to invade Tamriel.”

New Game Releases

While there’s no release date in sight for Elder Scrolls 6, Bethseda has sounded off on the release of two new games prior to Elder Scrolls 6. This should keep fans occupied before they’re reintroduced to the world of the khajits and Argonians.

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