Are You Interested in Testing VidMate Latest BETA version?

VidMate Latest BETA

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can download the videos you have seen on your different social media timelines or news feeds? Not only that, wouldn’t it be nice to also download video content from video sharing or streaming sites? Sounds like a pretty great idea, right? Well, good thing there are third-party mobile applications that let you do just that.

Experience High-quality Video Downloading

With VidMate, users will be able to experience the sweet features of downloading videos from other social media apps or sites and so much more. For one, users have an option to download their desired video in high definition. This way, playback experience will definitely be of quality.

However, the app’s features do not stop there. The application promises to have an easy user interface so that navigation won’t be confusing. Users can also choose their desired audio quality. They can also enjoy a high speed downloading experience and be assured that they get to download their video in their desired video formats. Besides that, they can stream videos or watch live TV in-app while downloads are in progress.

On VidMate’s Latest BETA version

Like the majority of mobile applications for major mobile operating systems, VidMate presents their own BETA version for testing. This is one way of helping developers in testing out features that are not released yet to the general public. BETA users will have a say on how certain features can potentially improve and what their good points are.

However, getting VidMate’s Latest BETA version is quite tricky. A simple Google search may not be enough. Thankfully, Vidmate’s official Facebook page posted a link that accepts volunteers for their BETA version. It allows users to give suggestions for their upcoming updates. Although the post is already a little outdated, the link still works. This way, users will have the opportunity to give a hand in making the app’s video downloading user experience much better!

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