Install Older Versions Of Google Earth (May 2018) On Older PC, Mac, Or Mobile Devices

Older versions of Google Earth May 2018

There are many people who are still using outdated computers and older mobile devices, which can affect the overall performance when running Google Earth. Good thing it is not a problem anymore.

You can download an older Google Earth version that would suit the needs of your computer or mobile device. In fact, you can select as older as version up to the most recent version from a third-party source online.

Installing Google Earth On Your Computer

Take note that Google Earth requires minimum requirements before you will be able to install it on your PC. So, you need to have at least 2GB of free hard disk space, Windows 7 or 8, graphics card DX9, and 1GB RAM.

The Mac also has minimum requirements to meet, such as OS X 10.6.8 or newer, 1GB of RAM, Intel Dual Core processor, and Internet speed of at least 768 Kbps. Linux computers can also install Google Earth, so long as it has met the minimum requirements. So it must at least have a Kernel 2.6 or newer, glibc 2.3.5 w/ NPTL or newer, R6.7 or newer, 1GB of RAM, and the same specs as the PC and Mac.

Just visit the Google Earth website to download the app for free. Click the link named Google Earth or Google Earth Pro, but the latter comes with a cost. More tools will be available for business planners and marketers with the paid version anyway.

Installing Google Earth Plugin On The Browser

The minimum requirement for your browser is that you need at least a Chrome 5.0 or newer, Internet Explorer 7 or newer, Firefox 2.0 or newer on OS X, and Safari 3.1 or newer on OS X.

Follow the procedure as you would install on a PC or Mac. Then, choose the link to install Google Earth Web option. Just make sure that your Firefox browser is closed in order to successfully install the plug-in. Use a different browser to install Google Earth on your computer for that matter.

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