News Flash! The Latest Cards for Clash Royale this April 2018 Is Now Available

Latest cards for Clash Royale

Weeks ago, Newsweek has recently confirmed that the leaked rumors about the upcoming release of the latest cards for Clash Royale this April 2018. The correspondence talked about what this new card will entail and all other exciting news. If there’s anything, fans of this well-loved mobile game are surely thrilled.

What Will Be the Latest Cards for Clash Royale this April 2018?

Two words: Barbarian Barrel. This newly dubbed card is set to release at the beginning of the month. As for loyal players who have already got to the Hog Mountain arena and the other higher arenas, they will be able to access or unlock the new Barbarian Barrel card in the first week of April. This recent development promises that this new addition

The game’s developers, Supercell, have taken their sweet time to make any formal announcement which added to the suspense of it all. More specifically, they never delved into very important details about the new card up until mid-March. In fact, they kept on with the suspense when they just simply said that the upcoming card will be “coming soon.” Thankfully, the wait is over and Barbarian Barrel is finally here.

What’s Going to Be in Store Barbarian Barrel?

Among the bits of information that players need to know about the latest addition to the game are the following:

  • It will be officially released on April 6
  • It will be unlocked in Hog Mountain Area and higher
  • It is going be an epic card

Everyone’s favorite mobile tower rush video game is a quite a feat for players all over the world. It combines the thrill of tower defense and battle gameplay and the fun in collectible card games. With the latest cards for Clash Royale for April 2018, fans are definitely excited and even hopeful for more.

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