Programs Similar To Adobe Flash Player In 2018 Providing Support For Various Media Online

Programs similar to Adobe Flash Player 2018

You should know that Adobe Flash Player is a plug-in used on most browsers that provide rich Internet app run time. It delivers consistent and engaging user experiences, exciting gameplay, and stunning playback for audio or videos.

Many websites still require users to enable Flash Player when watching streaming content or listen to engaging music. Flash Player is still used in most Internet browser even after Adobe has announced it is going to cease support pretty soon.

Well, instead of getting all emotional, there is a bright side to it. This is because there are apps or programs similar to Adobe Flash Player that can be used instead. Here are a few of them.


This app is not around anymore, but it was once a similar program as Flash Player. It was once developed to run and write rich Internet apps, which NBC once used it to provide streaming video during their coverage in the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008 and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.

GNU Gnash

Basically, GNU Gnash is a media player that was intended for SWF files. It would run as a standalone player intended for embedded devices and desktops. It even worked as a plug-in for Internet browsers. Good thing it was an open source program which means that it is offered for free. The last update for the app was in 2012, so you might not expect it to support some content.


Flash Player was once the king of the hill during its glory days. However, HTML5 has become a promising replacement now that Adobe has released a statement to end its support for Flash Player in the near future. HTML5 might be dominant nowadays, but you can’t discount the fact that Flash still remains due to its huge user base. You can just imagine how things will be online without Flash to help you get a number of products to work.

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