Best And Safest Browsers You Can Use In 2018 For A Worry-Free Experience

Best and safest browser in 2018: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, UC Browser and others

There is something that people would want in an Internet browser that would make them stick to it for years. On the contrary, it is better to use different browsers in order to greatly improve the experience on the Web.

Some people tend to focus on security, flexibility, or improved speed. Most of the time, it can be done via bespoke plug-ins and options. Thus, having the right Web browser at hand can make a huge impact on one’s life online.

This is why a number of the best and safest Internet browsers are presented here in order for you to select and weigh things over regarding which one suits your taste.

Mozilla Firefox

The newly revamped Firefox has once again regained its crown for being a very fast, strong on privacy tools, and light on system resources. In fact, this update has been the largest so far in the past 13 years.

Basically, this browser is always noted for its ability to provide support for extensions and its flexibility. In the recent update, Firefox has become keen on making efficient use of RAM even with lots of tabs open.

Moreover, it has become more serious as far as privacy is concerned. As a matter of fact, Mozilla has done some regular updates in order to protect the privacy of the users.

Google Chrome

Last year, Google Chrome was the best browser due to its fast performance and expandability. Chrome has indeed made an extendable and efficient browser deserving of its place on the top of the ranks. Well, it is too obvious why it has risen to the top as always. This is due to its stability, brilliance, and cross-platform compatibility. Moreover, it is known to take up minimal screen space. That said, it is able to obtain and install extensions easily, as well as support for parental control using a wide range of settings and tweaks.

However, there is a bit of an issue with Chrome because it is among the heaviest browsers in the area of resource usage. This means that if your system has limited RAM, you would only be disappointed. In terms of benchmarking, it might not be able to match others’ performance.


You shouldn’t underestimate this Internet browser because it has lots of features for you. Such would include the integrated ad-blocker and excellent turbo mode. However, it might be frustrating to know that Opera only makes up around 1% of the market. This is due to the fact that it is a quality browser. In fact, Opera has the ability to launch fast, clean user interface, and it can do everything that its rivals can.

The Opera browser is recommended to be installed along with your main browser due to its Opera Turbo feature. This would compress your Internet traffic as it routes the servers of Opera, making it a huge difference to the browsing speed. This should also be a handy browser when you are using mobile connectivity.

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