Get MX Player Pro Full Version Without Actually Paying For It

When you’re ready to listen to music or movies, the last thing you want to find out is that the player you’re using won’t play it. There are so many reasons as to why this happens, but it’s usually due to the player’s allowable file formats. If you go with the Pro version, you have more allowable file formats that can be played.  

Paid version tend to play more file types, and today, you can download a free version of a Pro music player. It’s called MX Player Pro Full Version, and the app offers you the best way to enjoy movies when you want. 

What are some of the features you see with the MX Player Pro Full Version?

Advanced Acceleration – This improves the performance of your computer, tablet, laptop or phone. With a hardware acceleration from its HW+decoder, videos play clearer. 

Perfect Pinch – This feature lets you control how you view videos. Zoom in or zoom out and swipe to pan. You have the power to control the settings.

Multi-Core – This version lets you experience multi-core decoding, and increases the performance of your device up to 70 percent.

Subtitle Control – You can alter the subtitles to your preferences, zooming in and out to see them better. 

Child-Proof – There’s no need to get onto your child for unexpected app purchases or deleted documents or photos or that odd messages that get sent to group chats. This download will let you lock the phone as the child watches the video, which ensures they can’t access anything else while watching the video. 

How To Download and Install The MX Player Pro Full Version

  • Go to any reputable site to download the MX Player Pro Full Version
  • Go to your phone’s Settings to find the file and install it.
  • A menu will appear after the installation that lets you watch videos via online streaming
  • Personalize the app settings and relish in the fact that you got and use it for free. 

Yes, you can download MX Player Pro from the Google Play Store, but it will cost you. If you want to save yourself some money, download the Full Version for free from a reputable site. Think of all the viewing features you get without having to pay for it. 

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