Is Your WhatsApp Web Not Working? There’s a Way to Fix That!

WhatsApp Web not working - May 2018

Everyone’s favorite messaging app has long made their services available to web users. It has been somewhat heaven sent for many loyal users because that way, they can also reach out to their contacts through their web browsers. Besides being available to mobile and desktop platforms, this is also another great option for users to take advantage of.

What’s Up when WhatsApp Web is Not Working?

First and foremost, connecting to WhatsApp Web is easy. It just needs to be connected to the user’s mobile application. By opening, users can connect their WhatsApp accounts from their phones to its Web Version.

However, as great as this messaging software goes, users encounter various problems in different aspects. A lot of users have voiced out concerns about WhatsApp Web not working. Perhaps the most common issues if that WhatsApp Web encounters commonly has to do with connection issues. Luckily, there’s a way to address certain concerns whenever WhatsApp Web is not working.

Mobile Connection Issues

It should be stressed out often that WhatsApp Web won’t work if it’s not properly connected to the user’s mobile connection. Therefore, WhatsApp Web serves as an extension of your WhatsApp Mobile. In order to send and receive messages on its web version, make sure your phone is connected to the internet. If it doesn’t work, WhatsApp has their respective troubleshooting guide depending on what mobile device a user has.

Computer Connection Issues

If in case your WhatsApp Web is not working because of poor internet connection from your PC, users will be able to see a yellow bar on top of the chat list with a message showing “Computer Not Connected”. However, if the web extensions still don’t work despite having a stable connection, users can either refresh the site or try to log out then log back in.

If these problems persist, users can reach out to WhatsApp’s support team. Troubleshooting happens on almost all web and mobile software, therefore it’s still all in a day’s work for WhatsApp’s developers and support team to find solutions to different issues that they encounter.

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