A Quick Guide to GBWhatsApp APK Full Version (May 2018)

GBWhatsApp APK Full Version

GBWhatsApp has been updated a few days ago and you can read about it on this site. It surely is an app that is constantly shaping up to being an essential tool for WhatsApp users – given that GBWhatsApp has tons of features that greatly enhance the quality of using the messaging app.

What’s more, you have many versions to choose from. They can vary from the latest release to that of more stable versions. Get to know how to install GBWhatsApp APK full version and other reliable, useful information.

GBWhatsApp APK Full Version

GBWhatsApp, update after update, is loaded with more features. For example, version 6.25 is rolled out in February and is a stable version.

To download the APK of the above version, you can look it up on trustworthy downloading sites or do a direct download.

Either way, it is recommended to do a clean install for this APK because it enables the app to run more smoothly. In general, a clean install means erasing the previous version downloaded instead of doing just a regular update.

To avoid losing data, back up your chat history and uninstall the version running. Then install the full APK version at hand.

Enhancements, Additions and Fixes Available at GBWhatsApp

The GBWhatsApp version rolled out in February introduced many fixes to oft-complained crashes and issues on WhatsApp.

It also has added many options to improve the overall look of the chats. New ticks, bar icons, launcher icons, and colors to captions were introduced along with conversation bubbles.

Speaking of new, users can receive and send chats using customized sounds with an updated lineup of emojis.

For efficiency, users can search participants and other settings for group chats. What takes the cake though is the auto reply functionality. You have the auto message when you are too busy to chat.

Why do you need GBWhatsApp, again?

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