Older Versions of VidMate May 2018: Which Is Compatible With Your Phone

VidMate has been hailed as one of the more convenient downloaders for videos on YouTube and other sites. The app is constantly evolving so you can expect updates every now and then.

That being said, don’t be discouraged if VidMate’s latest version is not compatible with your Android phone. You can take your pick among dozens of older versions of VidMate and download videos to your heart’s delight.

Older Versions of VidMate

As of this writing, VidMate has scores of versions available of its APK on the web. The older versions of the app are available alongside the most recent ones when you visit third-party downloading sites.

They are indexed according to their number in ascending order. For example, the newer versions are in the 3s with older releases in 1s or 2s.

Generally speaking, older versions require smaller memory size compared to their newer counterparts.

More importantly, earlier releases mean lower system requirements, making it possible for anyone to find a version compatible with his or her device.

Some examples of older VidMate versions

VidMate currently has 3.43 as its latest version. We’ve grouped previously released APKs of the app that are compatible with varying versions of Android.

For Android 4.0 and higher:

  • VidMate 3.42
  • VidMate 3.41
  • VidMate 3.38

For Android 3 and higher:

  • VidMate 3.37
  • VidMate 3.36

For Android 2.3 and higher

  • VidMate 3.35
  • VidMate 3.34

For Android 2.2 and higher

  • VidMate 3.33
  • VidMate 3.32
  • VidMate 3.31
  • VidMate 3.29
  • VidMate 3.28
  • VidMate 3.27
  • VidMate 3.26
  • VidMate 3.24
  • VidMate 3.23

This list, while not exhaustive, demonstrates the many variants of VidMate that are available for download. Interestingly, these older versions are not released years apart; in fact, the app can have one or two updates in a month.

And you can expect to read about any exciting news from VidMate, including about the VidMate latest version here.

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