WhatsApp on Cheap Samsung Phones: Important things to remember

WhatsApp Messenger, the next leading messaging app, allows you to quickly connect with your contacts across the globe, breaking barriers that arise from existing international SMS fees. WhatsApp on cheap Samsung phones requires NO FEES since it uses your phone’s internet connection so you are spared from paying for your messages in the app. Moreover, there’s so much more beyond this real-time messaging app because you can avail of the following treats, too:

  • Interact with contacts through calls. Instantly know the latest happenings in your loved ones’ lives through real-time voice calls! Talk for free using only your cellular data or any available Wi-Fi. Easy and free!
  • Send photos and videos. Collect memories and limitlessly share them to contacts through the app’s photo and video sharing feature! Send unlimited selfies and boomerangs whenever wherever.
  • Share your location. Let a friend or a loved one know your exact location. You can decide how long you want to share your location. This is perfect for meet-ups and get-togethers. You also have to remember that you are allowing other people to track your movements, so the responsibility for your security is in your hands.
  • Quickly respond to messages. Easily handle your incoming messages because it’s real-time! Easy to use features allow you to compose and send messages at a maximum speed, still depending on the quality of your internet connection.
  • Enjoy secured messaging with end-to-end encryption. Only you and the person you sent your message/ photo/ video can view the content you shared.
  • Broadcast messages to multiple contacts. Create a group chat and customize!
  • Custom wallpapers and notification sounds. With these freebies for you, you have to consider the following things, too, to better understand how WhatsApp on cheap Samsung phones works.
  • Account Registration. You must provide necessary data including your mobile number and with this, you allow WhatsApp on cheap Samsung phones to use your data in whatever way applicable for the app to be able to provide its service. Also, you agree that your phone’s contacts will be synced with the app.
  • Account security. You are in charge of your privacy. By using the app you agree to their terms and conditions that state that you free them from any claim or complaint that may arise in connection with the use of the app.
  • Emergency calls. WhatsApp on cheap Samsung phones is unable to provide emergency call services so users have to always remember the local emergency hotlines and use their local network service provider’s services.
  • Service Availability Failures/Disruptions WhatsApp messaging services may be disrupted by inevitable natural and non-natural occurrences.
  • Service Termination. WhatsApp has right to terminate their service once terms and conditions are not followed, breached and once a user is found out to use the app in an unlawful or unacceptable manner that may affect the app’s security, and may pose a threat to other users.

Now, it is indeed a “small world” because of these features at the tip of your fingers. Connect. Share. Live in a limitless world with WhatsApp on cheap Samsung phones!

How To Successfully Install WhatsApp On Your Samsung Device

If you have an older Samsung phone, you may think that downloading WhatsApp wasn’t possible. Thankfully, that’s just not true. With the latest update, you can add the popular instant messaging tool to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Want to know how?

  • First off, your Galaxy device needs to run on Android 2.1 or later. Any device that can receive messages or calls in the verification process can use WhatsApp.
  • Tap open your Google Play Store on your Samsung device.
  • On the search bar, type WhatsApp and choose the right version for your app.
  • Just touch the app for the installation process to begin.

Be sure you have plenty of memory on the device so the phone will accommodate the WhatsApp program? If there’s not enough room, you may need to delete a few out-of-date apps.

  • Hit the Install button to download and install WhatsApp and hit “Accept” when you’re prompted to do so.
  • Upon installation, a popup will appear. Tap the app, and it’ll open to its login screen.

Once done, WhatsApp will be installed on your Samsung Galaxy device.

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