Google Earth Pro Silent Install And Download (May 2018)

Google Earth Pro Silent Install

You might have heard about silently installing Google Earth 7.0 on your computer, well here it is.

First thing that you are going to do is to download Google Earth 7.0 from this link and get the most recent version. This is the default download but in beta update, so might as well be able to use it. Just save the downloaded file into your computer.

The next step is to run the installer by simply double clicking the installer. When it runs, you have to open a Windows Explorer window and type on the path the keyword %temp%. Then, you need to get the installer files. Find it on the most recently-created folder in %temp% and copy it elsewhere to keep it safe.

Before doing the final step, you first have to make your admin installation by opening the command prompt to browse the location of the files from %temp%. You can type the command line: msiexec “Google Earth.msi /a”. Don’t forget to include the quotation marks.

Just follow the installer and browse to a folder on the network that can be accessible globally when it asks for an administrative installation path. Finally, you have to use the administrative installation point for the deployment method, which is SCCM 2012, Group Policy, etc.

So, run at the command prompt the administrative installation point with this path: msiexec /i “Google Earth.msi” /q. Always include the quotation marks when typing this command line. This will normally install and put links on the desktop.

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