ShowBox Review And Safety Risks You Ought To Know Before Installation (2018)

ShowBox Review and Safety Risks (2018)

You might be wondering, just like the rest of the users, about the status of ShowBox in legal terms. Well, this can’t be denied that ShowBox has now been used by millions all over the world because of what it can provide to its users. In fact, many people have become dependent on this platform to stream free movies and TV shows.

Works On Multiple Devices

It allows you to do all that on your tablet, smartphone, or computer with ease. You might have heard that this only works on Android mobile devices, but you can also use a workaround to be able to play them on PC, Mac, and Kindle Fire devices.

This works by streaming videos or downloading them to their own devices for viewing later. Mostly, users would stream from torrents, but it depends on how comfy you are with the copyright infringement.

Safety Risks

There are things that you need to consider though the moment you use ShowBox for your own personal benefit. Take note that ShowBox is not available from the Google Play Store. The main reason being it allows you to watch pirated content. Surely, this is the main reason why you can only download ShowBox from third-party sources.

At the same time, there are no official websites that would answer to your queries when you bump into something irregular. The problem with ShowBox is that over a million people are concerned that it has virus based from Google search results. There are clean copies of the app, but these are expected to have some bugs. Some users even reported some broken subtitles, problems on videos, box video quality, popup ads, and many others.

As it has been an app from the grey market, you should expect no support for issues that come along. This means that if something bad occurs, you should be on your own. So, you only have to download and install it if you really understand how it works for your advantage. If you have no idea if you have downloaded the app from a trusted source or not, then you better not consider ShowBox to get inside your mobile device.

Legal Issues

Of course, apps like this should have legal issues. ShowBox may seem to be an alternative to Kodi, which is an all-around media player, but latter has many legal purposes, as well as movie channels, than the former.

In the first place, downloading any copyrighted material that is not of your own or without paying for it is clearly illegal. Streaming the same content is even more than that. The law, however, has not been designed for curbing these acts. You might have heard only of some legal actions to be implemented in response to some pirated content, such as boxing matches that are pay-per-view.

As a responsible individual, you may not require legal notice to tell if something went wrong. If you are going to use ShowBox to watch movies that you already own, then it’s okay. But, if you are using it to download or use for personal purposes without regard for its legality, then you’re in big trouble.

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