Why Pokemon Z Was Put On Hold By Nintendo (2018)

Pokemon Z - 2018

In 2013, Game Freak has developed role-playing video games, distributed by Nintendo, and published by The Pokemon Company. Pokemon X and Y were 1st installments in the 6th generation of the game’s core series.

Over a million copies of Pokemon X and Y were pre-ordered in Japan before the release date, not to mention the bundled copies for the Nintended 3DS hardware. This has made them the most reserved Nintendo 3DS title in the region.

In Japan, over 2 million copies were sold and more than 4 million copies sold around the world in the first weekend alone. In fact, it was considered the fastest-selling games on the 3DS. In December 2017, both games have total worldwide sales of more than 16 million copies, making them second to Mario Kart 7 as the best-selling game for the Nintendo 3DS.

Thus, it can’t be denied that people are expecting so much from the developers to create the next installment for the series namely Pokemon Z in 2018. So, people are looking forward to the development of the game or some announcements to confirm its development.

As a matter of fact, a lot of fans around the world were expecting the announcement of Pokemon Z in 2016. But, instead they received Pokemon Sun and Moon. Rumors even developed about Pokemon Z after the release of new forms of Zygarde and the start of the anime arc of Pokemon X Y & Z in the late 2015.

But as the Pokemon Day 2016 arrived, no announcements were made by Nintendo. So, avid fans were confused why the current generation of Pokemon or the third installment was nixed. Additionally, the trend shouldn’t have been changed as it worked for 20 years already.

With most fans willing to let go of the confusion that there is ever a third installment or a paired sequels, perhaps Nintendo should roll out answers. Nevertheless, here are possible reasons why Nintendo has skipped Pokemon Z.

More Sales Come With A New Generation

It can be traced back to the Black and White generation that earned approximately 15.6 million copies around the world. Its sequel Black and White 2 only sold 7.81 million copies, which could hold true for the other paired sequels. Needless to say, the first games in any new generation simply have sold better compared to their follow ups. So, there is enough reason why Nintendo have churned out new generations in every 3 years.

Pokemon Z To Be Released On Nintendo’s New Handheld

There are rumors coming out that Nintendo NX will be released in March 2019. Along with it comes a new handheld, which is also under development, codenamed MH. Based from experience, Nintendo need to have a great starting lineup of games in order to sell.

Too Early To Return To France After The Paris Attacks

Nintendo was perhaps too careful not to release a video game in which the evil team destroying the region was based from France’s geographical location. This was a year or so after the horrific attack that broke out in the country’s capital.

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