How to Install Adobe Flash Player for Mac (May 2018)

How to Install Adobe Flash Player for Mac

Any user/owner of Mac can attest to its efficiency and versatility in handling all sorts of tasks from doing work or school projects, editing, to gaming. While browsing though, you sometimes can’t play a video or animation because Adobe Flash Player for Mac is not updated, disabled, etc.

No worries. We’ll show you how to solve issues concerning your Mac’s Adobe Flash Player installation so you can watch video content with ease.

Installing and Enabling Adobe Flash Player for Mac

To get to the root of any Adobe Flash Player problems, check first if your Mac has an Adobe Flash Player installed. You can check it with Adobe’s official website.

The tool will reveal the status of Adobe Flash Player in your system, e.g. whether it’s pre-installed in your browser and enabled.

The steps in enabling Adobe Flash Player on your Mac depend on your respective browser.

For Safari, which comes along with Mac computers and is the recommended browser, check its version.

Go to Preferences, click the Websites tab and find Adobe Flash Player in the plug-ins section. Tick the box to enable the flash player and from there, choose how you want the plugin to behave in others websites, e.g. whether it will run automatically, ask you first to allow it, or not.

If there’s no plugin, you have to download Adobe Flash Player and close Safari to proceed with the installation.

Other Browsers on Your Mac

If you have Firefox, Chrome and/or Opera installed on your Mac, you can also enable the plugin as you choose it.

For example, Firefox requires you to manually activate the flash player plugin. The same goes with Opera that gives users the option to be asked first if they want Adobe Flash Player to run on a specific website.

Notably, Google Chrome recommends that you run Adobe Flash Player on websites that you trust. This is to prevent security issues that have been detected when using the plugin.

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