Discover VidMate’s Latest Beta Version

Wouldn’t it be fantastic for you to be able to download the videos you’ve watched on your different news feeds, social media or timelines? Also, wouldn’t it be good to download video content from streaming or video sharing sites? Sounds impressive, isn’t it? In fact, the big news is there are third-party applications that will enable you to do that with no problem.

Experience High-Quality Video Downloading

VidMate users can enjoy the sweet features of websites, other social media apps, and many others when downloading videos. For example, there is an option for users to download the high quality of the desired video. Definitely, the playback experience will be excellent.

However, these are not all about the app’s features app. Navigation won’t be confusing because the application promises to have an easy and direct user interface. Also, they can be certain that they will download their video in the formats they want and enjoy a high speed downloading experience. Here, users can equally choose their desired quality for audio.

Apart from that, while downloading, they can watch live TV or stream videos in-app.

The latest BETA version of VidMate

VidMate presents their BETA version for trial just as a good number of mobile applications for major mobile operating systems. This is a way to help designers to test out features that are not yet published. BETA users will give their own ideas on how some features can possibly be improved and how good their points are.

Moreover, it is quite tricky to get the latest BETA version of VitMate. To simply search through Google might not be sufficient. Luckily, there is a link posted on VitMate’s official Facebooks page that accepts volunteers for their BETA version. It permits users to suggest their future updates. The link still works despite the fact the post is a little out-of-date.

In this way, an opportunity will be given to users to help in making the user experience much better when using this app’s video downloader.

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