iPhone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi? There’s a Way to Fix That!

iPhone Won't Connect to Wifi

Whenever a person’s iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi because of a few eye-roll worthy reasons, it’s always such a headache. When that happens, a lot of users would immediately try to do the classic “turn it off then turn it back on again” way on both your device and the router.

What Should You Do When Your iPhone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi?

However, there surely are times when that would not make the situation any better. If anything, that will only annoy and frustrate the person even more. So when your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi at all, there are other ways to fix that. Here’s what you can try to do:

  1. Check your iPhone settings if your Bluetooth connection is not currently turned on. Sometimes when it’s on, it can affect or interfere with your Wi-Fi connection. If it’s on, just simply turn it back off and see what happens.
  2. For iPhones running on iOS 9, try to see if your Wi-Fi Assist is enabled. If it is, the feature has the tendency to automatically turn to Cellular Mode whenever your Wi-Fi connection is currently slow. Therefore, you easily can get disconnected to the network if it’s on. Try disabling it for a bit and see if it makes any difference.
  3. A lot of iPhone users also claim that turning off the location settings for your Wi-Fi networking. If this is what you think is causing the problem, then go to your settings, tap Privacy, Location Settings and then turn the Wi-Fi Networking off.
  4. Try to forget the Wi-Fi network to manually reconnect your device again. Just head on over to your Wi-Fi settings, tap the info button to forget the network and then manually join and re-enter its password.


When All Else Fails…

If in the end, these ways still won’t let you back online, it could either be your internet service provider or your device are currently experiencing a much more complicated troubleshooting.

If that’s the case, users can always try and seek help from Apple‘s customer care hotline.

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