Look Here: It’s Time to Get WhatsApp APK New Version Download for May 2018

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Among most messaging applications for Android, WhatsApp ranks as one of the most reliable ones throughout the years. It has helped create stronger connections among its users all over the globe. Today, it continues to keep quality messaging experiences for all its users no matter where they are in this world.

Even if it’s a free messaging application, WhatsApp still maintains its level of quality for users to enjoy. The app’s hardworking developers always find ways to make the experience even better.

What’s New with WhatsApp this May 2018?

Just like your other favorite applications, new updates get rolled out to improve user experience. For those who are getting the WhatsApp APK new version download for May 2018, here are the following new updates as of writing:

  1. Easy switching between video calls and voice calls. That means you can easily change your call mode from voice to video and vise versa with just a tap of a button.
  2. Easier group participant lookups. The latest version allows users to search the group participants by looking into the group info.
  3. New group descriptions. It’s now possible to add a group description. It’s a nice tool that will show members of different important info about the group.

Downloading WhatsApp APK New Version Download for May 2018

Getting WhatsApp APK New Version Download for May 2018 is very easy. Users can either download the application traditionally of manually.

First, users can opt to download and install the application on the Google Play Store. WhatsApp always makes their latest version available for the user to install.

Another way to do it is to download the app’s APK file from the web browser and then install the application on their respective mobile devices. Together with the latest version of the app, other versions may also be available for users to download and install to their phones.

Either way, experiencing the apps great messaging features will be at your fingertips in no time.

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