HELP! My iPhone Won’t Turn On

My iPhone Wont Turn On

“My iPhone Wont Turn On!” 

Whether it’s any iPhone or smartphone for that matter, are usually user’s nightmare. With more people becoming ever dependent on their smartphones for communication, entertainment, and a tool for day-to-day living, the device not turning on is certainly a major cause of worry.

There are many reasons why your iPhone won’t turn on because there are plentiful ways to wake up from this nightmare and more importantly, get your phone to wake up.

Plug and Charge

A recharge might do the trick. Per Apple, plug in your iPhone and charge it for an hour. For the phone to be charging, the charging screen must appear in a few minutes of plugging the device.

Try turning on your device. If it gets stuck at the Apple logo or you see a red/blue screen, try to connect it to a computer. Open iTunes and force restart the phone.

To force a restart, hold the applicable buttons (it could be a Volume Up, both Volume Up and Down, or Home and Top buttons depending on the iPhone model) until you see the Apple logo.

Wait for the recovery mode screen to appear where you’ll be asked to restore and update. Going for “Restore” means restoring your phone’s original settings but your data will be lost. In

the “Update” option, your iPhone’s iOS will be reinstalled without data loss.

Isolate the Problem

In case your phone does not charge as there’s no charging screen, check the power adapter, the cable, and the jack to see if it is damaged or anything. Make sure the power adapter has been plugged firmly into the power source.

You can also connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes on. Some users report that their devices start to charge using their normal chargers after doing this.

Seek Apple Support

If you don’t have any computer to plug in your phone, seek assistance from the nearest Apple store. They should be able to help you with anything that concerns your iPhone.

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