Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs, Release Date And Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Aside from the pretty stylus, the Galaxy Note 9 also stands apart from the Galaxy S series due to its powerful battery. Indeed, the Note 8 had a 3300mAh battery, but the Note 9 could be designed to be one of the big-battery phones with 4000mAh.

Good news for its avid fans is that Samsung is now testing the Galaxy Note 9 firmware. For that reason, you can get a couple of versions, namely the Exynos and the Snapdragon. Compared to its release in 2017, the testing has now been made a couple of weeks earlier. Comparatively so, this was also the case being made for the Galaxy S9.

Release Date

If you are one of the eager users of the Galaxy Note 9, then this year should bring you good fortune. The Note 9 will be announced by the end of August and will be on sale in mid-September. However, if the sources are correct regarding its early testing date for the firmware, then if the production of the AMOLED screen would push through, then an early July launch can be seen ahead.

Latest Features

The Note 9 will be expected to bring performance upgrades, such as the second generation 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and the 6GB of RAM. As shown on the results of Geekbench, it has a multi-core score of 8806. Despite the fact that it has a lot of new features, consumers are more concerned about how fast their device can be. Fortunately, the Note 9 is blazing fast, which is not a surprising thing considering it is one of Samsung’s flagship devices.


Aside from the facts that could be seen from a distance, rumors just keep on coming. One of the exciting new features expected to come with the Note 9 is the all-glass front. This means that you can have a device that is completely without bezel.

Well, this could be possible, considerating the fingerprint scanner can be embedded into the display. Likewise, it is possible to integrate the sensors and cameras on this part. Basically, the Super AMOLED display screen will most likely be the light source for the sensor.

However, if Samsung will not be able to introduce a new screen, then you can look into a similar specification with its predecessor, the Note 8. This means that it has a 6.3in Quad-HD Super AMOLED panel.

Quite likely, the Note 9 will have an under-glass fingerprint scanner, according to some analysts. For the sensor, Samsung might likely be switching to Egis from the Synaptics technology, which might cost 4-5 times its price.

However, the patents filed by Samsung in March 2018 backs up the idea to have no visible fingerprint scanner on the Note 9. Perhaps the designers are planning to have an iPhone-style notched screen display. A second patent shows nothing but screen though in its design. Although it has not been confirmed, there are leaked rumors about the design to be for the upcoming Galaxy S10.

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