What to Do When Your iPhone 6s Touch Screen Is Not Working?

iPhone 6s Touch Screen Not Working

It happens. You’re reading something on your phone and when you tap or swipe, the screen does not respond. It does not budge even after you tap on your iPhone 6s touch screen a couple of times now. What to do?

We’ll give you possible solutions to resolve your current problem.

Leading Causes of Unresponsive iPhone 6s Touch Screens

There are several reasons why touch screens on iPhones stop working or their displays freezing.

Some point to a previous design that causes touch screens to be unresponsive. While this “Touch Disease” caused problems for iPhone 6 and its Plus counterpart, later models iPhone 6s and Plus are not affected because the design flaw has since been addressed by Apple.

The touchscreens themselves can be the problem. This occurs when the device is repaired or refurbished and a screen (not from Apple) is attached to the iPhone.

Restart Your Device

Try force restarting your iPhone 6s. You can do this pressing and holding both the Home and Top buttons for at least 10 seconds or longer until such time as the Apple logo appears.

This is likely to return your device to working order. In some cases, a factory reset can work. But this is an extreme measure, the last resort when all things fail.

Installing iOS Updates

Have you been religiously installing the updates from Apple on your device? iPhone’s maker has rolled out updates that fix issues concerning unresponsive displays.

To check, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Download and install any update to bring your iOS to its latest version.

Having it Repaired

If you are running out of options, head over to the nearest iPhone repair center. You might be eligible for a replacement if it is within the warranty period.

Be on the lookout for the latest and most useful tips regarding your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

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