3 Facebook Tricks That Will Make Using The Social Media Site Fun

If you enjoy Facebook and its app, you may be wondering if there are some tricks and hacks you didn’t know about. Chances are the answer is yes.

There are no hack codes because Facebook designers come up with constantly new features and links that make it hard to know what they’re going to do next and difficult to come up with hacks that work from one day to the next.

There are some interesting tricks you can pull with the Facebook app though

Using SMS To Post To Facebook

You don’t have to install the Facebook app to make an update on the social media site. With SMS messaging, you can log into your Facebook account from a computer and go to Settings, Mobile and then “Add another mobile phone number.”

Pick your wireless carrier and hit “Next.” You’ll need to send an SMS of “F” to Facebook’s SMS number of 32665. A confirmation code will appear in a popup box on the computer. Uncheck the “Allow friends to text me from Facebook and “Share my phone number with my friends.”

Upside Down Facebook

This is similar to the old keyboard trick where your computer screen is turned upside down. On Facebook, you pick the upside down indicator next to the language you’re trying to choose. This will turn the entire screen upside down but the text on the app.

Downloading Friends’ Photo Collections

If you have a lot of Facebook friends, you may be unable to keep up with family pictures being posted. How tedious it can be to copy one album and then upload them to your own Facebook page. The Download Album app eases the process. You’ll have to download and install the app extension, click the icon and pick the Normal button.

Be sure you’re at the album you want to download before clicking the icon. You’ll receive a notification from Facebook that you’re downloading the pictures.

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