Installing Adobe Flash Player On Your Mac’s Browser

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Mac users know how efficient and versatile their computers can be, handling an array of tasks from school projects to work projects to gaming to editing. However, if you’re browsing and find that you can’t watch a video or view an animation, it may be due to your Mac’s Adobe Flash Player being out of date.

Don’t fret! There’s a way to address that problem and update your Flash Player to watch videos easily.

How To Install Adobe Flash Player For Your Mac Computer

The first thing you need to contend with is to determine if your Mac computer even has Flash Player on it. You can do this by going to Adobe’s main website. The developer’s tool will let you know what your Flash Player’s status is – whether or not it’s installed and browser-enabled.

How you enable Flash Player on a Mac will depend on the browser being used.

If you’re using Safari, which is the browser on Mac computers, you need to check the version.

You’ll need to go Preferences, hit the Websites tab and locate the Adobe Flash Player, which should be found in the plug-ins section. Check the box to start up the flash player, picking how you’d like the plugin to act with other websites – run automatically or not.

If you don’t have the plug-in, you’ll need to download the Adobe Flash Player, closing Safari to go on with the installation.

Using Other Browsers On The Mac

If you’re using Opera, Chrome or Firefox, be sure to start up the plugin. For instance, Firefox makes you manually activate the plugin. With Opera, users are given an option if they want Adobe Flash Player to work on a particular website.

Chrome suggests running Adobe Flash Player on only trusted websites. This will ensure security problems are addressed when the plug-in is used.

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