Why Google Earth Pro Is Something To Consider Using For Yourself

When Google Earth Pro was first released, it had a yearly cost of $399. Today, that same program has been improved and now costs nothing to use. This is great news for people who want to research certain areas or for companies that need geospatial information for virtual tours or presentations.

What Are Some Aspects Of Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro offers users a plethora of geospatial information such as

  • Hi-Res Imagery
  • 3-D Cityscapes
  • Historical Imagery
  • In-Depth Roadmaps
  • Interest Points (business locations, natural features, etc.)
  • Street-Level Panoramic Imagery

Bear in mind that this is just some of the many things that Google Earth Pro has to offer its users.

Google recently released a new version of Google Earth Pro known as version, which can measure 3-D structures, save images in PDF format or print high-resolution pictures. People can also use Movie Maker to create video tour animations using images from Google Earth Pro.

How To Download Google Earth Pro

You’ll still need to attain a license to download Google Earth Pro’s latest version. This is done by filling out the form and submitting it to Google. You’ll be provided a free trial of Google Earth Pro, but remember it’s free anyway.

Once you are signed up, you download the file to your computer and install it using the instructions it provides.

What Are The System Requirements?

If you’re going to use Google Earth Pro, you need at least Windows 64-bit 7, Windows 10 or Windows 8 or a Mac OS.

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