Google Releases New Play Store Version For Android Device Users

Google Play Store’s new update – 9.7.11 – has ensured the app addresses a number of bugs and included some other improvements to ensure stability.

There are many sources that offer the Play Store, but you don’t have to get new updates the moment they become available if you don’t want to. The first thing to keep in mind is that downloading it from a source other than the Play Store itself means enabling the “Unknown Source” feature on your device. This is done by going into your device’s Settings and Security areas. Look down the list to find the “Unknown Sources” option and click on the box to turn the function on.

Google Play Store also attain an update about its full-white user interface. In the latest version, the company said it was re-designing the app.

In the Google Play Store 9.7.11 version, a new user interface is seen – quite a bit different than designs of the past. Rather than seeing green accents, there is more white in the user interface.

If you download the latest APK file for Google Play Store onto your mobile device, you need to know where it should go to install it. Like any Android app, you’ll be pressed to continue the installation process. After this is done, your device will have the latest version of Google Play Store.

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