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How To Indiscretely Install Google Earth’s Latest Version To Your Computer

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If you want the latest version of Google Earth on your computer, you need to visit and click on the 7.0 version. While it’s the default download, it’s a beta update. All you need to do is save the file to your computer.

Once downloaded, users need to install it, which can be done by double-clicking the file. When running, you’ll need to open a Windows Explorer window and key in the path %temp%. After that, you’ll need to get the installer files, copying them from one location to another.

Before this step, you must ensure you have admin installation, which is done by opening the computer’s command prompt and looking through the file location from %temp%. Input the command “Google Earth.msi /a” on the mxiexec line. Be sure you have quotation marks around the words.

Continue following the installer and find a network folder that it asks for in the administrative installation path. Here, you must use the administrative installation point, which is noted as being SCCM 2012, Group Policy and more. Use the following path msiexec /i “Google Earth.msi” /q. Again, you must use quotation marks on the command line. This will install and add links to your computer’s desktop.

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