2 Primary Ways To Use WhatsApp On Your Computer

If you like using WhatsApp on your phone, you may be wondering if you can install it on your computer. The great news is that you can download WhatsApp to a computer in two ways.

  • Use your Internet browser to attain the WhatsApp feature. This means going to the webpage and logging into the app every time you open the computer browser.
  • You can also download the app on your Mac and PC, which is similar to the WhatsApp Web service. This is an added benefit when you resume or log into your computer.

If you go with the second method, you’ll have to download WhatsApp, which you can do by going to www.whatsapp.com/download/. There is no need for additional plugins to install and use the WhatsApp app.

You’ll notice the introduction screen is similar to the WhatsApp Web screen. You just scan the code and start using the app, sending messages to family and friends.

You need to be sure the smartphone and computer are connected to the same network. This ensures messages are transferred from one device to the other effortlessly.

The moment your computer is turned on, you can log into WhatsApp. This is done by going to the menu button and setting it all up. Here, you can alter your phone status, change your profile picture and access the app’s settings. Hit the Desktop Settings button so you can enable the app login when you start up your computer.

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