Saints Row 5 Will No Longer Be The Cheap Version of GTA

Saints Row 5

Since the launch of the first Saints Row in 2006, the game has been under criticisms. This was due to the fact that many consider this as the cheap version of Grand Theft Auto. However, not long after its first release, Volition has made developed its sequel in 2008. The revamped game has become bigger and better compared to what people believed and Saints Row 5 expected to be the same.

The Meteoric Rise of Saints Row

Despite the tough competition at the start, Saints Row has performed well as it had huge open world environment to explore with many activities than its rival the GTA IV. Gamers even later realized that the open world experience has become more superior than its rivals. Volition has also decided to launch it on more platforms, such as the one used on X-box and one supported on PC.

Saints Row 3 was then released in 2011 now with much-polished graphics and a better storyline. Nevertheless, the game didn’t go very well for the studio as they went bankrupt. The game rights were later bought by another firmed known as Deep Silver. Thus, even with more failures, Saints Row 4 was still released rivaling Rockstar’s GTA 5.

Saints Row 4 also went into some improvements as Volition added more elements that you can only think of off a fantasy shooter game. In fact, it had interesting characters, such as aliens, mutants, and powerful individuals introduced to the game.

What Will Happen in the Next Saints Row?

Nowadays, gamers wanted to know what happened to Saints Row since it has stayed silent for over 4 years. Instead, Volition has made Agents of Mayhem, with the same concept as the Saints Row franchise. What’s more interesting is that it resides in the same Universe as your favorite Saints Row.

It even had the same funny dialogues, as you would expect from the eccentric squad of characters going through the same universe as the Saints Row. Thus, this left people confused why it didn’t use the name Saints Row 5 since it has already obviously used the concept of the game.

saints row

According to rumors, the Saints Row 5 has been under development. Thus, one of these days, Volition might surprise the avid fans with its release date, which it has already done in its 4th installment. This is because Volition couldn’t handle another pushback as soon as Grand Theft Auto 6 will be launched by Rockstar.

Having said that, there are things that fans would want to see in the upcoming Saints Row 5 release in 2018.

Saints Row 5 Expected Features

Space-Time Exploration

Of course, fans would love to see a funnier version of Mass Effect, get interaction with bizarre interrelation society, or blow up an odd planet in the process. Well, now that Saints Row has access to both time travel and spaceship, it would be a shame for them not to exploit these capabilities.

Voice Customization

The voice options were already previewed in the Saints Row 4. The fans would love to have this feature as an addition to the next installment of the game in which the developers can improve in the future. Such as the inclusion of a celebrity voice over or a roster of popular voice actors to select from.

  1. you might want to delete this fake post… the fans never said they wanted any of this space/super power bullsh1t…. we said we wanted the old gangsta’ formula back…

  2. I found Saints Row 2 and 4 to be the best of the series so far. Looking forward to part 5. To be honest I’m a fan of both SR and GTA and don’t see them as competitors. The atmosphere and criminal environment of both are so different.

  3. I just want a return to Saints Row 2 style gameplay for SR5. I liked the sillyness of the third one (especially that vehicle that allowed you to suck up people and launch them), but hated that they took away alot of customization of your character (and instead of bringing it back on SR4, SR4 just became a rehash of SR3). SR2 had great customization, good storyline, fun gameplay and entertaining missions. SR4 was too far in terms of giving you superpowers early on where the game just became “ignore the cars, guns, etc, because now you can fly and do superman stuff because you’re in a Matrix world”. I want over the top in an open world criminal video game, not a “lets put everything in” with aliens, superman powers, and weird gameplay quirks.

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