WhatsApp APK Full Version for February 2019 – Free Download Available

New WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. It has also been compatible with Nokia S40 phones and newer devices. Moreover, it can be downloaded for Windows OS and Mac OS X computers.

Needless to say, you only need an APK version of WhatsApp if you are going to install it on an Android device. You can download and install WhatsApp for your Android mobile phone from the Google Play Store. However, sometimes it requires an older version of the app in APK format to run on your outdated device.

WhatsApp APK Full Version System Requirements

  • You should be using at least Android operating system version 2.3.3 or higher
  • Likewise, you may need an unlimited data plan to maximize the experience using WhatsApp
  • Take note that tablet devices are not supported as of the moment.

You might as well be able to use older versions of WhatsApp by downloading its APK file. New mobile devices might receive over-the-air updates from time to time, including the most recent version of WhatsApp.

The most recent version of WhatsApp might vary depending on the Android device you are using. This is because you can only download and install WhatsApp based on the device supported by the app.

The latest version of WhatsApp has already been released for February 2019, which is 2.19.32. Simply visit the official website of WhatsApp by entering this link whatsapp.com/android/ on the Web browser. The minimum requirements for installing WhatsApp on your mobile device are the following.

When downloading the app, you should know that there are some new features that go along with WhatsApp. These would include the following features.

Latest WhatsApp APK Features

  • Feature to gain the ability to add a description to any group. This will allow members to know more about the topic of the group. The description of the group will be shown to those who will be invited via the invite link to the group.
  • You can also search the list of group participants based on the group information.
  • The video button will also serve as a switch that can change between video and voice calls, depending on your preference.

WhatsApp is also useful when applied for business via the WhatsApp Business. This is an Android app that helps business owners to easily interact with customers with the help of some tools for automating, sorting, and responding to messages.

To those who are worried about security, there is no need to worry about it. Although some of the most personal moments are being shared on WhatsApp, you can rest assured that they are secured. This will be possible via the end-to-end encryption which is integrated into the latest versions of the app.

This means that messages and calls will be secured so only the person you are communicating will be able to read and listen to your conversation. Not even WhatsApp or anybody in between will be able to interfere with your business. Just make sure that you have Internet data plan on your device to maximize your experience in using WhatsApp on your Android mobile device.

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