When Does the Steam Summer Sale 2018 Start?

There are two major times of the year that every gamer anticipates with unparalleled excitement: the winter holidays and the massive Steam summer sale.

Per tradition, the world’s largest vendor of PC games, Valve’s Steam service, will be having yet another massive sale this year, offering everything from triple-A blockbuster titles to indie games on sale for a limited time only.

So if you’ve been keeping that one game on your wishlist, there’s a good chance it will be on sale this summer.

The biggest thing about the Steam summer sale is preparing for it and having some idea of when and what will be on offer.

While the date is often well publicized, the full list of games to be offered on sale is rarely released prior to the event.

In this article, we’re going to tell you what we know about the start of the Steam Summer Sale 2018 and what you can do to prepare your wallet for the bleeding that is about to occur.

Steam Summer Sale 2018 Release Date

According to Steam Database, the website for all things Steam, the Steam Summer Sale 2018 start date is June 21, 2018, giving most gamers a little less than a month to prepare.

If you’re wondering how Steam Database gets its information, let’s just say the website logs everything from upcoming releases and patches to events, keeping track of nearly everything that happens on Steam.

Steam isn’t just a video game vendor, but a huge community of gamers as well. People not only follow the ups and downs of prices of video games but also scour Steam’s forums and update logs for any and all information pertaining to future releases.

Reddit forum users have also confirmed Steam Database’s date and say the sale will run through July 5, 2018.

This release of information was apparently passed on by Valve to publishers to make them aware of this year’s event.

Of course, having this information leak early wouldn’t be a break in tradition.

Previous Steam sales have had their dates announced via this method and usually, the rumors prove accurate when it comes time for the sale to go live.

List of Games for Steam Summer Sale 2018

That means there is little reason to doubt this year’s revelation. The only questions that remain are what games are going to be on sale and at what price points.

After all, this is probably the second biggest buying time of the year for many PC gamers, and knowing what to buy and when is all part of the game if you are budget-minded as many of us are.

Don’t worry, though, if you miss the Steam Summer Sale 2018 as there will be another chance to score the game you’ve been wanting this fall when Steam holds its annual winter sale extravaganza. While not as close on the calendar, you can be assured that the prices will be just as competitive, and, even better, there will be a whole year’s worth of new games available at the same time! This way you can clear out your queue prior to the New Year and get every game you’ve wanted, and at a fraction of the original price.

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