Google Play Store 9.8.07 – All (Modded) APK Download By ChelpuS

Google Play Store 9.8.07

The fact that the Google Play Store has certain limitations, it is understandable that users would want more from the centralized marketplace of Android apps.

Therefore, it is undeniable that users would choose to install the modified version of the Google Play Store instead. Likewise, it can provide many benefits, such as the famous trick of download paid apps without having to pay for it.

Latest Download Google Play Store 9.8.07

Basically, you may find the modified version of the Play Store to be exactly similar to the store licensed by Google. In fact, it has similar number of games and apps, same interface, and usability.

Moreover, you can easily make in-app purchases and get paid apps for free. However, the mod version of the app might be a bit inferior to the patched version.

This is because the patched version of the Play Store has some functionalities that are advanced. Such would include the ability to use freely all the aps protected by Google LVL (license verification library).

Features of Google Play Store 9.8.07

Among the other advantages in its functionalities include ability to verify paid or pirate apps even when you are offline. Here are a number of features and benefits of the modded and patched version of the Google Play Store.

  • Ability to use apps being protected by the Google LVL
  • Provides offline license verification of apps
  • Allows keeping and using paid apps even after being refunded
  • Be able to stop Google Play Store from getting auto updates

Google Play Store 9.8.07 Modded version

The modded version of the Play Store may also have ability to provide the features being offered by the original app store. Thus, they will remain intact and operational, such as billing, interface, other core functionalities, and usability.

However, don’t forget that before you are going to enjoy the features of the modded version of the Google Play Store, root access is required. However, certain things may not be available for such versions of the Play Store.

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