Need To Know Where Is Xender Web For PC? Check This Out!

Xender Web

It must be your lucky day since you have found a way to download the PC version of Xender. Basically, there are millions of people now using Xender Web for PC to share files between devices. For one, its high cross-platform capability would allow people to share data via Xender Web.

Xender Web Features and Speed

Aside from that, Xender Web is faster than Bluetooth file transfer, which plays a crucial role in our modern lifestyles. Moreover, it provides a clean and elegant way for you to move or copy files easily and quickly without stressing yourself out.

Thus, you will be able to move documents, files, images, music, and videos, among other stuff. Xender Web can be used on your computer by visiting this first. Then, you need to scan the QR code that appears on the screen using Xender on your mobile device.

By doing this, you can share files via the Xender for PC through Xender Web. So you need to open Xender Web and one of your devices must have the app installed.

Here are some easy steps for you to install the app.

  • Open Xender Web on your Windows PC where you can see the QR code with the available platforms at the bottom.
  • Scan the code and choose the platform you would use for your mobile device. Then, you need to open the app on your smartphone.
  • Simply scan the QR code from your Xender Web so that you can initiate the connection with Xender Web, your PC, and the mobile device within the same network so that you can get connected
  • Drag and drop files that you would wish to share to a connected device in a flash.

Xender Web vs AirDrop

The most notable advantages when using the app is that it is easier to use than AirDrop, faster than Bluetooth, and there is no need to use NFC for that matter.

You might even find out that Xender is able to provide a unique connection without experiencing any lag or lost connection when moving files. You can also rely on the stability of Xender when transferring files without any limitation.

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