WhatsApp For Samsung Latest Update For Mid-2018

WhatsApp For Samsung

The number of WhatsApp users has reached 1.5 billion active users each month. The new features might have added to the hype in which users have considered useful at least on their end. Such would include the addition but not limited to the following features.

  • WhatsApp Payments based on the Unified Payments Interface or UPI
  • Currently testing the addition of forwarding restrictions
  • Group Admins having extensive controls

At some point though, Samsung devices have issues with WhatsApp, particularly its frequent crashing on the Galaxy S8. Well, that is no reason to fret because you can fix them yourself with the right knowledge and tools.

Take note that when a third party app is crashing most of the time, then you have a greater chance to solve it by yourself, since it is just a minor problem. However, when you often have problems with a pre-installed app, then you might be having problems with the firmware.

Restarting Your Device

Thus, you can try the first option of solving your dilemma by restarting your device. This can refresh the memory of your Samsung device, as it closes all apps and services running at the background.

Clear Cache And Data Of WhatsApp

Resetting the app will bring it back to the default settings and it will replace the data files and caches that might have been corrupted. Nevertheless, this wouldn’t harm your data and files. This is because they are saved in the WhatsApp servers.

Uninstalling And Re-Installing The App

Third-party apps are so easy to fix and remove, which make it easier for you to avoid the adverse effects on its performance. Problems can be associated with the app, but you can easily remove such by mere un-installation.

Take note that not all Samsung devices have issues with WhatsApp. However, you can apply these quick fixes when you do encounter such even with other Android mobile devices.

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