WhatsApp Or Signal? Taking Secured Messaging Seriously

WhatsApp Or Signal

Lots of people are getting confused with the current competing apps namely WhatsApp and Signal in terms of secured messaging. You might consider WhatsApp being the more popular app with respect to Signal, as its closest competitor.

According to experts, Signal comes with an end-to-end encryption protocol protecting all messages that pass through. In this regard, there would be nobody except with the people involved in the chat who can intercept what was inside the message.

Even if others can manage to grab them, only a scrambled message can be seen with characters that anyone can hardly understand. Signal also has an open-ended nature, which means that it will be easier to audit and update.

End-To-End Encryption

Considerably, Signal is a more reliable app by far if you are concerned about the security of your messages. WhatsApp, on the other end, is seeking the help of Open Whisper Systems, the company behind Signal’s end-to-end encryption protocol.

You can rest assured that Signal is way secured that WhatsApp developers are seeking something similar to what it has been offering to its users. The most notable difference between WhatsApp and Signal is that the former is marketing itself as a messaging app, while the latter calls itself as a security app.

Data Collection

The data collection process of WhatsApp and Signal also differs. Despite being extremely secure apps, WhatsApp is said to have failed miserably compared to Signal. This was due to the fact that WhatsApp would collect and store lots of other info about the users.

In fact, the app would collect information including log info, device info, usage info, cookies, and last seen status, as well as location and the like. What makes it worse is that WhatsApp would share data with Facebook, its parent company.

Overall, it is undeniable that WhatsApp and Signal are both secure apps, but the latter still offers better privacy compared to the former.

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