Google Earth Latest Version Download For PC And Mac In 2018

For those who like to travel around the world via Google Earth, this is your chance to enjoy more about the planet with the latest downloadable version.

Google Earth is the most recent version that you can install on your Windows PC running at 32- or 64-bit architecture. At the same time, you can also download and install Google Pro for Mac.

Basic Features Of Google Earth

  • Advanced Measurements
  • Exclusive Pro Data Layers
  • High-Res Printing
  • Spreadsheet Import
  • GIS Import
  • Movie Maker

The measurement tools would be used to compute areas and distances, while the movie maker helps in the production of media collateral. High-res images are also utilized for reports and presentations, while it is possible to import huge vector image files via mapping of GIS data.

Updated Version Of Google Earth

Network security fixes and updates, as well as improvement of certificate support

  • Places panel, multiple item selection, deletion, and moving, including performance enhancements
  • Improvements in CSV importation, supports older Mac file formats
  • International language fixes, such as missing translations, user interface elements, and keyboard shortcuts
  • Table tools or improved stability, data synchronization, and layout
  • Fixes in Windows 64-bit architecture, such as crashes when hiding 3D buildings, joystick support, and interface in COM application

Updates For Google Earth For iOS

The new version of Google Earth includes the improvement to its user interface along with a left-hand panel to make it easier to enable various layers of information. Moreover, the app also updated Google Maps Street View so that users can explore the world in 3D at a street level or when flying over.

  • Improvements in directions and searches, allowing you to visualize when biking, driving, riding, or walking
  • Improvements in user interface to allow easy browsing and enable different layers via left-hand panel

Google Maps Street View for exploring the world at the street level in a flash.

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