Minecraft: Story Mode APK Comes With A New Perspective On How Users Want To Manage The Game

Minecraft: Story Mode APK

Something great has happened to one of the all-time favorite apps on Android named Minecraft. This time, it has tinkered on the Story Mode, which is an episodic point-and-click narrative-driven videogame.

The player’s perspective is to collect items, solve puzzles, and communicate with non-player characters via conversation trees. This is to learn more about the story and determine your next move.

Eight Episodes of Storytelling

Several episodes will bring you places with the new Minecraft: Story Mode. It provides Eight (8) Episodes to complete the journey. The authors of the game namely Telltale Games and Mojang AB crafted Minecraft: Story Mode in which players will have the opportunity to explore their own knowledge of the Minecraft universe.

The story follows the logic of Minecraft, but it remains to feel original. One of the proponents of the game even reacted to it, saying how funny it is and how adorable the pig is. That said, there is more than you have ever imagined a Minecraft game would bring to the table.

You Make Your Own Story

Basically, the story will be driven by the decisions that you will make in the course of the game. So, the things that you say and how you say it to people, including the things you choose to do in the thrilling action moments will have a big impact to your story.

Minimum System Requirements

All you need is a Windows 10 PC at least with x86 architecture to play the game. Moreover, you need to have a bigger space to handle the size of the game, which is at approximately 5.52GB. Upon signing into your Microsoft account, you will be able to install the app on a maximum of ten (10) Windows 10 devices.

Currently, Minecraft: Story Mode has earned positive reviews from its users. This has become the basis on how the developers were able to acquire the passion to develop and perfect each project they come across with.

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