Update To The Latest Google Earth Pro Version For Free To Enjoy New Features

Google Earth Pro Auto Update

If you are eager to know what you can get with the updated version of Google Earth Pro, then you have come to the right place. Since the app can be updated for free, anyone using different platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and Android can download and install the app.

What is Google Earth Pro

Basically, Google Earth Pro is a 3D interactive app that enables people to virtually view the planet, as well as use it to analyze, plan, and make decision making. If you compare Google Earth from the Pro, you can observe a number of differences.

In fact, Google Earth Pro provides added professional tools designed for business users. In addition, you can have some of the advantages not found on the basic Google Earth app.

  • Batch geocode addresses
  • Import GIS data
  • Regionate huge datasets
  • Access parcel, demographic, and traffic data layers
  • Create premium movies
  • Map multiple points altogether
  • Measure areas of a polygon or circle
  • Map making tool
  • View-shed tool

You can get all these features if you update Google Earth Pro to its latest version Thus, you need to visit the link https://www.google.com/earth/download/gep/agree.html to get started.

Take note that the earlier versions of Google Earth Pro are no longer supported. Version 7.1.5 and earlier would require you to provide a license key. Thus, you only need to update it by installing the app over again. You only need to input your email address and use the key GEPFREE in order to sign in.

Google Earth Pro Auto Update

Anyway, your outdated version of Google Earth Pro will auto update once it is activated and connected to the Internet. Should you choose to download directly from the given link, then you don’t have to remove the older version.

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