Here’s a Big Reason NOT to Resort to PUBG Hacks

PUBG hacks

Before you resort to PUBG hacks, you might want to step back and reconsider.

A headline from the news site Polygon runs, “PUBG Corp. confirms the arrest of 15 hackers in China”

Another one on the news site Independent says, “PUBG Developers Warn People Not Install New Cheating Software after Arrests of People Who Make It”

This verifies that PUBG hacking is a really huge problem and that PUBG cheating has gone out of control. Do you want to be a part of the statistics?

What is PUBG?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is a brilliant game that features 100 players fighting against each other for life, glory, and that most precious chicken dinner. It spawned from Last Man Standing standards of the Arma series.

No one may not understand the extent of how precious that chicken dinner is if not for the fact that PUBG has attracted a huge number of hackers that will do almost anything to cheat, including getting arrested.

PUBG Corp has banned tens of thousands of hackers a week. They are also constantly developing ways to beat them through a variety of anti-cheat systems.

How Hackers Beat the System

Of course, the company’s efforts to curb cheating and hacking only fueled the hackers’ desire to beat the system over and over again.

According to a report in the Independent, one of the tricks that hackers use to get ahead is using software that makes them better at killing other players in the game.

Using the software, they can steal information and use it to their advantage. This is why people are being arrested for the lengths they go through just to win.

The 15 hackers arrested in China was due to PUBG Corp working with local law enforcements as one of the drastic measures they took to put a stop to widespread cheating and hacking.

The 15 arrests made by Chinese authorities will be charged with “developing and selling hacking/cheating programs that affect PUBG.”

As a consequence, arrested individuals are said to be fined in excess of $5.1 million, as reported in the Polygon.

That’s a ton of money to pay for playing dirty. So you might want to reconsider hacking PUBG.

PUBG Corp announced that “The longstanding rumor that hacking/cheating programs extract information from users’ PCs has been confirmed to be true. Using illegal programs not only disrupts others, but can end up with you handing over your personal information.

We’ll continue to crack down on hacking/cheating programs (and their creators) until our players are free to battle it out in a totally fair environment.”

In addition, the company has also updated their security measures and anti-cheating solutions.

Anti-cheating Strategies

Aside from its partnership with BattlEye, a developer of anti-cheat software, the company is also working on their own FairFight type system.

They also added new layers of anti-cheating strategies to Battlegrounds, including a new way of gathering player data in order to easily identify hackers.

Players are also encouraged to record and report hackers. The PUBG Support is open to anyone who wants to help deal with hackers and promote fair play.

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