Download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha Now Before It’s Too Late

iOS and Android smartphone users are not the only ones having fun with WhatsApp. The app can also be downloaded, free of charge, to any Nokia Asha phones. If you own a Nokia Asha phone, why not add WhatsApp to your phone to keep in touch with your loved ones today.

Nokia Asha S40 and WhatsApp

Nokia Asha phones that are powered by Symbian Series 40 software platform are able to use WhatsApp, and are downloadable to many of the following phones including but not limited to:

  • Nokia Asha 300, 302-303, 305-306, 308-311, 500-503.
  • Nokia X2-00, X2-01 and X3-02
  • Nokia Asha 206 both Dual and Single SIM
  • Nokia C3-00 and C3-01

How Can You Download WhatsApp For Your Nokia Asha Phones?

  • You’ll need to visit the official website. Choose Nokia S40, found under the “Download WhatsApp for Phones” tab. Or you can just go here and check if your phone is compatible with WhatsApp.
  • You can freely download the messaging app and use its array of features such as video calls, group chats and text messages. Your chat history can be saved via the Asha phones and connect it to a computer for easy communication. 

If you live in India, you may need to alter the settings to ensure WhatsApp will work on your Asha. The steps you take to make calls or text will depend on your cell phone provider. 

With new updates that have been released this year, this is the time to download WhatsApp on your Asha phone. The company announced not too long ago that the app would still be compatible with the S40 platform until Dec. 2018.

WhatsApp on Nokia Asha

Nokia Asha is one of the most affordable yet feature-packed smartphones available on the market today. It even comes in different color choices so you can choose one which suits your preference and personality perfectly. It comes in black, red, green, white, yellow, and blue.

It has dual sim card slot so you can use two sim cards at once which is perfect especially if you want to have a number for different telecommunications service providers. You can use it for different apps including instant messaging apps which makes it perfect for connecting with other people.

What can you do with WhatsApp on Nokia Asha?

  • You can send messages for free. Now you do not need to worry about using up all your text messaging credits or getting your bill higher and higher just because of sending SMS. All you need is an internet connection and you can send unlimited messages to other WhatsApp users. Now there’s nothing to hold you back from communicating through WhatsApp on Nokia Asha.
  • You can send messages to groups. You do not have to go through the tedious task of sending the same message to a number of people over and over again. You can send it once to a group you created and you can add up to 256 members to your created group. Just imagine performing a task for 256 persons just once. It is a definite time and energy saver.
  • You can send messages through your desktop computer. WhatsApp on Nokia Asha can also be used in your desktop computer so you can have a nonstop conversation with your contacts. This is beneficial as you can continue communicating even when you have to recharge your mobile device.
  • You can get the message across through video call. If you get tired of tapping your mobile device to send your message, you can use video call instead. This is perhaps the most loved feature of WhatsApp on Nokia Asha. You can just speak with your contacts face-to-face, just how you would talk to each other when you talk in person.
  • You can send files. Aside from messages, you can also send different kinds of attachments – photos, videos, text files, and more. This makes it easier to show these files to your contacts. This feature also makes WhatsApp on Nokia Asha the ideal app for working on a project with a partner or with a group.
  • You can send messages to your customers. You can use WhatsApp for business aside from personal use. You can create a profile to tell your prospects about your business and use it as a platform for your customer service. It even allows you to create quick replies for faster and easier communication. It also generates a report so you can analyze communication activities and come up with campaigns and plans for improvement.

You can easily maximize WhatsApp on Nokia Asha features for all your communication needs – personal, work, or business.

Declining interest in WhatsApp for Nokia Asha

Rest of the world is no longer interested in WhatsApp on older Nokia platforms according to the Google Trends data below.

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