GTA 6 Locations – This is why you should be excited

Ever since its release for the PC, GTA 5 Online has been receiving updates constantly all the way up to the current year, even with the constant speculations regarding the new Grand Theft Auto 6 game. Some of these speculations are centred around the potential locations for the new entry in the series.

GTA 6 has been confirmed not too long ago by the companies’ president Leslie Benzies, and most likely it’s in its early production phase. According to an interview, the president doesn’t know exactly what the game will be but there are some ideas that are being taken into consideration.

After that, rumors and theories have begun to spread around the internet as to what the next setting for ‘’Grand Theft Auto 6’’ is going to be. Currently, analysts have brought up the possibility of three locations to be the next setting for the next entry, these being a map of the US, London and Vice City.

The US map

There are rumors that the next GTA map will be titanic in scope and it will not be limited to a single city or island according to Tech Radar. There is the possibility that the game will span the whole landscape of the United States. There also rumors of a teleportation system that will allow for ease of movement from city to city. On top of this, there is information that the next game could be set in the 70s.

London Setting

There is also the possibility that the next title will be going back to the Old Continent in the form of a London setting. These speculations have surfaced when Dan Houser, co-founder at Rockstar, has started talking about GTA’s DNA being a contemporary, modern-day, English-speaking one, and as such, the only alternative for a setting outside of the US is that of the UK.

Vice City

Another suitable location for the game, which could also fit the 70s time-frame, would be the classical Vice City. Which was a popular and often referenced city through the franchise.

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