Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. OnePlus 3T – Can OnePlus Take On Samsung?

Last year, Samsung has released the eight generation of the S series, so let’s check out a quick comparison between Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 3’s successor.

Build & screen

Galaxy S8 comes with an aluminium frame and a Gorilla Glass back, and OnePlus 3T features an all-aluminium body. Galaxy S8 rocks the newest generation of Gorilla Glass 5 for its screen, and the OnePlus 3T seems to do just fine with last year’s variant – Gorilla Glass 4.

S8’s screen is a bit larger (5.8 – inch Super AMOLED with 570 ppi) than the one of OnePlus 3T (5.5 – inch Optic AMOLED with 404 ppi) and, as you can see, 3T’s is a bit tweaked color-wise.

Internal specs & features

Samsung Galaxy S8 features Snapdragon 835, 4 GB RAM and has an expendable storage of 64 GB, but OnePlus 3T’s Snapdragon 812, 6 GB RAM and expendable storage of 64/128 GB of internal storage seem to sound a lot better.

Samsung boasts Qi Wireless charging and Bluetooth 5, and OnePlus 3T uses traditional cable charging and supports Bluetooth 4.1. Samsung’s best feature is the DeX (Desktop Experience), an exclusive feature of S8.

Battery life

The battery life of Samsung (3000 mAh) is probably not going to be great, considering the fact that it runs on Snapdragon 835 on a screen of 570 ppi, while OnePlus 3T should last longer (3400 mAh) with a more efficient processor and a less dense display.


Samsung Galaxy S8 features a 12 MP back camera, an 8 MP front one with an f/1.7 aperture, while the OnePLus 3T has a back shooter of 16 MP, a selfie camera of 16 MP and an aperture of f/2.0.


You can find the Samsung Galaxy S8 at $530 and OnePlus 3T at $399, and our conclusion is that despite being released approximately 6 months apart, the OnePlus 3T definitely stands up to the Galaxy S8, surpassing it in some aspects such as RAM and battery life.

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