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WhatsApp on Samsung

WhatsApp has been a reliable messenger among countless Android users all over the world. As for Samsung users, it’s no different. As WhatsApp continues to improve their services both in-app and reach, it remains as one of the most reliable messaging apps out there.

It has been a big year for WhatsApp. Good and bad, there are major changes that the company and its users went through in 2018. As for the latest update for WhatsApp on Samsung, changes were just as notable as the rest.

For users who are always keeping an eye out of major announcements and updates from WhatsApp, they probably know what went on the past months this year. Now that the year is about to come to a close, it’s never too late for other users to be up to date with the latest update for WhatsApp on Samsung.

Major Updates for Samsung

Along with the major changes that WhatsApp pushed for this year are the latest update for WhatsApp on Samsung and other compatible Android devices. To date, WhatsApp has made the following updates that further improved the app’s overall performance.

See forwarded texts – One of the notable updates from WhatsApp was allowing users to identify if texts are being forwarded and which ones are originally sent.

Customize Group Info – In group chats, users can add group descriptions and see who are part of your group. Therefore, they can see more transparency within the group than before.

Option for Group Admins – As of the latest, WhatsApp rolled out the latest update for Samsung and other compatible Android users that are focused purely on group admins. The new feature gives the admins an option to only allow admins to send a message within the group chat. Non-admins, however, can still reply to the admin’s messages but it would be through a “Message Privately” option.

These updates and features are ready to be enjoyed among Samsung users who have a compatible running operating system to support the application.

Sad News for Old Samsung and Android Users

2018 may have been a good year for improvements when it comes to user experience with WhatsApp but it’s not without its drawbacks.

The company also announced that they will soon discontinue their services to some of the outdated Android and Apple devices following their decision that they will stop developing for these devices.

The announcement means that new users running on certain operating systems can no longer create new accounts and it’s not going to be supported anymore.

Android devices running on 2.3.3 no longer supported

Going into specifics, this fate affects Android devices running on 2.3.3 or older. That includes dated Samsung devices that run in the affected operating systems and can no longer be updated. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Galaxy Mini Plus, Galaxy Pop Plus and the like.

Those who have existing WhatsApp accounts and application with the affected devices can only use and enjoy their services up until February 1, 2020.

If you currently own Samsung or any Android device with the said operating systems and still want to use the app, see if you can update to the latest Android OS especially since the company doesn’t assure a smooth user experience among the dated Android devices.

Samsung updates for WhatsApp

As for Samsung updates for WhatsApp, there’s still more room for improvement as the company continues to find ways to explore the limits of technology even more. Until then, be on the lookout for upcoming updates in the future!

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