Consider This: ZMovies an Alternative to Showbox?


Much has been said about Showbox and fans of the streaming app have been feeling rather blue on issues surrounding their favorite app. So, it can’t be helped if some are already looking into other sources to stream movies, TV shows, and other new releases online and download them.

One name is popping up: ZMovies. For the uninitiated, it sounds like any other online streaming site out there but can ZMovies deliver? Can it be at par with Showbox to make it a viable alternative?

Let’s look into what ZMovies does and you can judge for yourself.


ZMovies: Movies from A to Z

Its eponymous site features a catalog of movies. At first glance or scroll, you’ll come face to face with films that are seemingly arranged according to their release or relevance — blockbusters, critically acclaimed, and so on.

Notably, ZMovies has a separate tab for new releases, popular movies, and TV series. The genres are also diverse ranging from documentary, biography, animation, action, adventure, drama, fantasy, family, horror, thriller, history, musical, romance, mystery, sci-fi, sport, western, and even short films.

There are two things you can do at ZMovies:

  1. Stream/watch a movie online in HD; and
  2. Download the movie in HD.

Click on a movie’s thumbnail (with a play button) and wait for the page to load. Create an account to watch the movie and/or download it. Registration is free.


Limitations to ZMovies? 

As noted earlier, you need to have an account to watch anything, HD at that, at ZMovies. It’s because these movies and TV series for that matter can only be streamed from certain countries. This is probably how the site determines who are eligible to stream the movie or not.

If you are not redirected to a sign-up page after being asked to create an account, then you might not be allowed to use the services of the site or it is not available in your country.

This leads others to use VPNs or apps that serve as downloaders to streaming sites like ZMovies. However, no one can vouch whether these “ZMovies downloaders” work or whether they are safe for your devices. So, to be safe, research about these downloaders and make sure you get legit reviews before downloading any one of them. Always stay on the safe side.


ZMovies vs Showbox

Now, back to ZMovies. Notwithstanding its geographical limitations, can anyone consider it as a viable option next to Showbox?

Yes, if you think of HD movies and quality content, ZMovies is up there. Its roster of films is constantly updated to reflect the hottest, the latest, and the freshest. You’d be lucky to watch these movies anytime anywhere for FREE. But as far as we know, it has no official app yet — there are apps that are similarly named but we can’t ascertain if they are related or not.

Showbox also offers free content and it being an app makes it doubly convenient to bring just your device and binge watch. It is also regularly updated to add new features and functionalities to its streaming and downloading services.

Are you ready to make the switch? Or you want to keep both? You decide.

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