Who’s Looking for GBWhatsApp Older Versions? We Have Them Here


There’s no stopping smartphones nowadays. In fact, consumers’ demand for smartphones has pushed manufacturers to release just about any model that would satisfy the curiosities and needs of today’s users.

Still, for others, a functional smartphone is all that matters even if it’s older and has lower specs. Not to worry as you can download apps to your phone regardless of its operating system (OS) version. For Android users, older versions of GBWhatsApp remain for the picking.


What’s GBWhatsApp, Again?

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. True to its being a mod, the former improves on the existing functionalities of the latter. In addition to these improvements and fixes, GBWhatsApp has really exciting and cool features.

So, consider GBWhatsApp as the cooler sibling of the usual WhatsApp.

This essentially makes this mod worthwhile for your chats, calls, and file transfers. And although GBWhatsApp is constantly updated by its developers, this is not to say that its older versions are out of touch.

For every Android OS, there is a GBWhatsApp old version.


GBWhatsApp Old Versions

The APKs of these versions are carried by various sites dedicated to APKs. From the latest to the oldest, you’ll likely see a GBWhatsApp APK that matches your Android operating system.

For instance, at least 5 releases dating November 2017 to the most recent one in September 2018 are compatible with Android 4.0.3.

If you have an Android 4.0, the version released in October 2017 can run on your phone.

The oldest known version you can unearth is from 2016. This version does not require you to root your phone — a process that essentially lets you access your phone’s software code and modify it so to speak. But you might want to back your chat history just to be safe.

Older versions of GBWhatsApp are free. Download them from trusted sites only.


What’s New at GBWhatsApp?

While you are at it, you might as well explore the features of the latest GBWhatsApp APK — you might find it useful in the future.

So the fresh-from-the-oven GBWhatsApp V2.18.203 builds on its older versions with the addition of:

  • Lets you hide when you were last seen. That gives you more time to think of what to reply or makes it less obvious that you don’t want to respond to a message right away.
  • Lets you hide WhatsApp’s double tick. WhatsApp has ticks to signify certain actions:

(a) a single grey tick says you have successfully sent your message.

(b) two grey ticks mean the other person has received your message.

(c) two blue ticks signal that the other person has read your message. Note: the two grey ticks will turn into blue ticks once the message is read. With the modification, you can control the activities others will know of.

  • Lets you customize your theme as well as the colors of icons for calls and missed calls.
  • While you can hide your last seen, you can check others’ online status and their last seen.

GBWhatsApp unlocks WhatsApp

Because GBWhatsApp unlocks the power of WhatsApp, it’s basically having two apps on the same device.

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